Most companies have felt the sting of uncertainty when dealing with in-house marketing efforts. Marketing can be confusing and overwhelming for business owners. Just when you thought you hired the perfect candidate for in-house marketing, you find out they either have no clue how to get your business to the next level, or its too much for one person. This is a very common problem, instead of stressing over numbers that you may not even understand, maybe it’s time to hire an outside company to help your marketing efforts. As an owner you want to maintain the in-house control over your team, however, outsourcing is not as distant as it seems. Here are a few items that might convince you to take a look at outsourcing your marketing efforts.   

Slow Growing Revenue 

The first thing businesses usually notice is that your revenue isn’t growing fast enough or at all. Any marketing team should be measuring results and ROI on any given campaign or strategy. Some months are slower than others, however, a consistent look at how efforts are performing is important. If you cannot pinpoint where your marketing efforts are being targeted or even the outcome of those efforts then it’s time to reconsider your strategy. You may as well just throw money into the street.  

Overworked Staff 

The second factor is whether your current staff can handle the marketing needs of your company. Managing social media, running campaigns and creating content for everything seems pretty straightforward, but it is incredibly time-consuming. An overworked marketing team can potentially cause more harm than good. Before you know it, things are being overlooked so they can hurry to the next item. Quality takes a hit and quantity doesn’t necessarily make a difference. In this case, you may want to ask an outsourced marketing team if they can assist your current team. Help with certain assignments or campaigns.  

Never on Time 

This next one, can relate back to being overworked, but do you find your marketing efforts ever seem like they are running behind? As much as you try to be ahead of the curve you are always playing catch up and barely getting campaigns out in time. Not only that but you are working in high-stress situations last minute, seemingly all the time! This is very frustrating and incredibly inefficient in many ways. You could be losing out on timely opportunities as well. Strategizing a campaign usually has a lot to do with timing and hitting your targets efficiently. If this is not happening it could be time to look at outsourcing or simply asking for a little help.  

Old School Marketing 

Finally, how are you marketing? Newsletters, flyers and perhaps even cold calling? If you are still stuck in the realm of traditional marketing and not currently using digital marketing. You might want to get on the phone and look for a great marketing company. It’s important to boldly step into the 21st century when it comes to marketing efforts. Majority of your potential leads are online, you just need to get their attention. Once again, this is motivated by performance, so a marketing firm can tell you what your ROIs are and where the KPIs are coming from and why. One big item to note is that you gather your thoughts and think about long-term goals for your business. Then focus these efforts toward achieving them.  

If any of these items hit close to home, it may be time to reassess your marketing efforts. Evaluate your long-term goals and pick up the phone. Outsourcing marketing could potentially be a huge benefit to your business. These firms know exactly what they’re doing and often times cost less than the labor of an in-house team. Even if the costs are slightly more than what you expected, remember you are hiring a team of experts that specialize in marketing. Not a recent grad with no work experience, not a friend that knows a little about Facebook, and not the office manager that’s already overwhelmed. You are paying to see a return on your investment and that’s exactly what they do. Plus, it’s one less thing you need to delegate and constantly watch over. Do the best thing for your business.