CEOs are getting a bad rap.

According to a 2009 poll conducted by Weber Shandwick, only 14% of American Business Executives hold a positive view of chief executives, meaning that a whopping 86% of business executives don’t actually like their CEO or other CEOs for that matter. Needless to say, there is a lot more going on here than just bruised egos.

CEOs and their companies are explicitly linked to one another. When one goes south, you can expect the same to happen to the other and vice versa. With each weighing so heavily on the other, it’s worth taking the time to ensure that your online reputation is the best it can be. Get started with these tips:

  1. Develop a plan: Just like business planning, the same approach should be taken when it comes to your professional story. Think of yourself as a brand and think about what you want the brand of “you” to be known for. Is it your professional experience? Your position as a thought leader in your industry? A visionary in your field? Whatever the goal, be sure to keep it at the forefront of whatever you publish online, to ensure that what you’re posting supports your end game.
  2. Pick the right chess pieces: As the largest online professional network, LinkedIn allows for you to build an online resume of sorts, sharing your career accomplishments to date. Utilize the platform to connect with your peers and other thought leaders in your industry. In recent months, LinkedIn has improved its ability to share and create content. This is a great tool to take advantage of professionally.  Twitter is also a good place to go to when looking to get a clear picture of what’s going on in your specific industry. From news article shares, to live event tweeting, Twitter is your resource for key industry happenings, at a quick rate. Facebook is a great way to boost your personal profile, but keep in mind #4 below.
  3. Blog, Blog, and Blog some more: No doubt that you’ve got something to say when it comes to best practices or tips for working effectively in your industry. Share the knowledge! By updating your blog with in-depth posts about things you’ve experienced in your field or even things that your clients can expect when working in the business world, you show rather than tell your knowledge. It’s like kindergarten folks!
  4. Manage your online reputation: Have that less than flattering picture that your brother posted of you on Facebook at the last family gathering? It’s pretty safe to say that you wouldn’t want clients or potential employees to see that side of you, am I right? Be careful about what you post because online presence lives forever. Also, set your privacy settings to where you have to approve when other people tag you.
  5. Monitor your image: Sign up for Google alerts so that you can be informed each time a new mention of you is made online. You can use these alerts to do damage control if anything negative is said about you and you can share all the positive things said about you. Make sure to blog regularly, tweet frequently, and keep your LinkedIn up to date, because how can you be an industry expert if your content is not current?

Try these tips to start building your online reputation today!

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