When you are selling a product or service for more money than a consumer expects it to be, you’ll frequently hear the popular idiom, “That costs an arm and a leg”. Why an arm and a leg? It’s a reference to the cost of that particular good or service compared with the return their investment offers. If your offering is so compelling and capable of improving your prospect’s day to day, price won’t ever be a problem.

As a managed services provider, it’s crucial to your company’s bottom line to avoid developing the mindset of selling your service based on cost, not to say that offering solutions to your customers at competitive rates is unimportant.  It obviously is, but it becomes less integral to match your competitors’ prices if you can offer your clients value.

To get your MSP where you want it to go, you have to introduce new services and make the services that your company already offers more attractive to prospective clients. MSPs universally offer 24/7/365 service, patch management, and help desk support.  If your company doesn’t, you’re already behind.  Offering features that your clients would not expect will allow your company to quote a price that sells.  One of the best ways to set your MSP apart is to offer your clients a predictable IT budget that covers not only the standard services listed above, but also other services you can offer, including:

Hardware solutions – Hardware as a Service (HaaS) is a way to offer your clients the option of turning the capital expense of purchasing hardware into an operating expense.  Having the option of renovating or replacing obsolete hardware for a fraction of the cost of financing or traditional leasing options will maximize value for your customers.

Software solutions – Software as a Service Backup and Disaster Recovery (SaaS BDR) allows MSPs that already have the hardware in place to use the virtualization of their company’s IT infrastructure to work to their advantage.

Additional administrative support – Offering your clients vendor management solutions, on-site support, virtual backup and disaster recovery (BDR), parts and labor, voice over internet protocol (VoIP), mobile device support, and comprehensive training courses will create a situation for these clients to lean on your company for all their IT solutions, which will increase profitability.

In other words, make it a no-brainer.

Featuring a laundry list of benefits will help your salespeople close the deal; this is a fact. They will, however, also need to learn to sell on the concept of “service.”  The service that you provide is the total package of features your company offers.  The more options you can offer prospective clients, the easier it will be to sell your service. Effective MSP sales are determined not only by the features available, but also the salesperson’s ability to focus on the tangible benefits those services offer to that particular client’s business.  Practical explanations about how your services will save them time, decrease problematic IT situations, and increase the productivity of their employees will resonate better and make them a partner instead of a prospective client.

Making your company’s services available at a slightly inflated rate than other MSPs is logical when you can offer them a total solution to their IT problems for a single monthly payment.  No matter how much you charge, if you offer a service that is not only profitable for you, but also for your clients, that service will never “cost an arm and a leg.”  For more information about solutions to maximize value to your MSP and your clients, visitchartecsite.flywheelsites.com and stand out from the herd.