Who is Google+?: A social media platform created by Google to further bring everything that is Google (Docs, Gmail, Etc.) all into one central location.

What is Google+?: A social media platform that lets you share updates with followers, customize cover and profile photos, and do pretty much everything you can on other social media platforms. Google+ at one point was invite only and created a huge buzz…a buzz that quickly faded. Google+ is currently regarded as a failed social media platform…or is it?

This leads me to Why Google+? Up until recently, neither ARRC nor CharTec had a Google+ Page. Have you tried to get a Gmail account lately? Notice that you are automatically given a Google+ account. Google is doing what they can to (for lack of a better word) force you into Google+. As much as we may fight this kicking and screaming, Google may be doing us a favor.

While searching Google (unless you’re a hipster or a Surface user) you’ll notice the ads and all the other great stuff that pops up. Notice any of the articles mentioning or featuring 1+ (the Google equivalent to a Like)? How about something like this?


This Google result clearly calls out how involved the author is with Google+, emphasizing his apparent credibility.

Now, I am not saying that we should all go gung-ho with Google+. I am simply saying that any activity on social media helps your searchability, more so if it is on a Google social media platform (speculated).

There are a number of articles that are saying (unofficially I might add) that soon SEO will be directly related to your Google+ account. I think Erin Everhart from 352 Media Group said it best,

“I don’t think we live in a world, nor will we ever live in a world, where any social cue doesn’t have influence over SEO.”

All social media will give you and your brand exposure, and experts are betting that Google will make it a must to be on Google+ to help out with SEO. The choice is yours, but maybe now is the time to take a serious look at Google+ before any of these unofficial articles and speculations become official.