Since 2019 is rapidly gaining on us it’s time to take a good hard look at your marketing efforts. During the course of the year, marketing tends to get pushed to the side to allow time for more immediately important items. Often this is done sort of unconsciously, you don’t see the immediate value, so it goes stale. When this happens though, it means your leads are going stale too. That is never good. There are several things you can do to fix this problem before the new year and the new quarter.   

How relevant is your content? This starts with a simple website audit. You should be doing this every quarter, but better late than never. Take some time to really go over every inch of your website. Look for outdated information or things that simply don’t make sense anymore. Make note of new products and services and keep things as up to date as possible.  

Is your content interesting? A bland and stale website with no content will be useless to your marketing efforts. First of all, it’s important to utilize SEO as much as possible. Why not, it’s free advertising. You may not think people will see it, but that’s not necessarily your goal here. You just want Google to be able to see it. The more blogs you have along with site content increases keyword counts and makes you more searchable. That’s where a lot of leads come into play.  

Do you have visual content? Written content is great for SEO and the information is helpful, however, we all know visuals are more attention-grabbing. You don’t have to make it too complicated. Your average phone has all the capabilities of a marketing team. Graphics, video, and editing software. Just a few of these items can create a lot more interest and turn into more leads.  

Are you utilizing social media? Another big one in today’s world of marketing is social media. Do you currently have social media? If you do, are you active on it? This could skyrocket your leads if you do it right and again, its free! You can invest in ads if you so choose, but simple active engagement works just the same. In fact, through social media, you’re almost taking a sales position with the people that follow you. It’s a much more intimate way to communicate instead of reaching out from a warm lead from a website click. However, if you are not active on your social media accounts daily, it could hurt your chances of leads at all. It’s a fine line, but if done right this alone could break the monotony and staleness of your current marketing efforts.  

The main take away is to do something. If you are not doing anything with marketing in mind don’t expect to receive magic leads. If you are doing things and it seems like it’s not working, stop and try something else. Don’t continue the same cycle expecting different results. Be honest with yourself and your business. If you are still struggling, talk to an account manager at CharTec and find out about the amazing marketing program. We take care of everything and allow you to focus on your business.