Summers end is nearing and many of you are gearing up to take that last-minute vacation. Some people like to get away and relax – they visit quiet Alpine mountain areas, or serene beaches where the lapping waves and warm sun help them forget the daily grind. Other, more daring individuals, prefer something more intense such as mountain climbing the Alps, paragliding over those serene beaches, or taking an ocean dive and swimming with the sharks. Regardless of where you take that last summer hurrah, you need to feel confident in what’s happening back home. 

As an MSP, one of the biggest goals is to transform client’s networks into the impenetrable vaults they expect them to be. With that enters the great responsibility of assuring them all aspects are completely covered, especially when it comes to their backup. An effective Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) solution is essential to just about every business out there today. 

Of course there’s the permissions to play, like having a backup appliance and something that can quickly virtualize and restore. There’s more than that, though. 

You shouldn’t have to worry about whether the BDR is truly backed up, whether there’s enough storage available, or whether the support will be there to help you restore if you ever need it. 

A good BDR solution is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. Data loss or corruption is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when. Searching for the perfect BDR solution can be a stressful task for any MSP rushing to put together the right offering for their customers.

At CharTec, we offer the most complete and advanced BDR solution out there! 

Our CharTec intel-based BDR appliance installs at your client’s site, which satisfies the requirement for real time onsite data protection. Offsite data continuity is included as your data is backed up to the cloud, ready to be accessed any time you might have a server failure.

We go above and beyond 24/7 support. Your entire BDR solution is also managed and handled entirely by us, at no extra cost to you! Fixed prices with no unexpected monthly costs.

CharTec’s BDR service also includes free access to CentralPoint, a multi-vendor backup portal that allows you to see all of your backup devices and servers from a single dashboard.

It’s a simple, well designed solution that will ease your mind and let you forget about backups – allowing you more time focus on what you do best, running a business.

So, take that vacation and do what you want. We got your back.