What would you automate in your life?

Have you ever had one of those days when you were incredibly busy, but at the end of the day felt like nothing was accomplished?  I had one of those recently and I got to thinking…have you ever noticed how much of your day little tasks consume?

Think about your day.  From driving to work to taking the dog for a walk, our days are filled with micro-tasks.  Not all of them are bad…but they do fill the day up fast.  From sunrise to sun set, retrace yesterday’s events:  you make a meal, you eat a meal, you wash clothes, you vacuum the carpet, you walk the dog, you cleanup behind the kids.  Or, at least these are items I’m told are supposed to be done daily…I’ll let you know if/when that ever happens in my household!  No, honestly, I will let you know. More than likely it will be broadcast on the nightly news as ‘Breaking News…from the Situation Room…’ if you know what I mean.

Don’t’ get me wrong, I am not advocating living in an automated lifestyle where everything is done for us (Robot for brushing your teeth anyone?).  However, there is no denying a properly placed “Auto-Button” would come in handy.  Raking leaves comes to mind, as one of the first things I would automate.  If I could get my hands on such a button I would use it every fall when the leaves drop, like a screaming child in a crowded mall.  I wouldn’t trade the fall season for any other time of year, to me it is by far the best season…but that fictional Auto-Button would get a work-out every year!  Am I the only one thinking this?

Sometimes I think, “Wouldn’t it be nice to push that glorious button and have your taxes done every year?”  Truly, if there was a line for that button, I’d be in it…and I’d save you a place too!  Auto-Buttons would be like mobile phones, we could carry them everywhere with us and use them to do those repetitive tasks.  Now that’s what I’m talking about!

It’s Not All Rainbows and Unicorns…

Ryan Goodman and Brady Nash, of ConnectBooster, often say:  “With the right amount of money and time, anything is possible.”  Well…almost anything.  The Auto-Button idea may not fit into their statement, but there is something that does.  Let me explain, it is an Auto-Button of sorts…

ConnectBooster’s latest release is an Auto-Button upgrade for QuickBooks Agreements.  It is an Auto-Pay feature for invoices totaling less than a set amount, which is determined by you.  This Auto-Pay feature is here to ease your pain, relive you of repetitive tasks, and best of all is fully configurable!

In the following example (see image below), we have set the Auto-Pay Invoice Threshold at $3,500.00.  (This threshold is an amount that can be adjusted by you to a number that will suit your business.)  This means: any invoice falling at or below the $3,500.00 threshold can be set to be automatically paid by your clients.

Therefore, if you create an invoice totaling $1,250 for XYZ Company, and they are opted into the Auto-Pay program, ConnectBooster will automatically charge the account on file which XYZ Company has provided you.  To be clear, if your client does not want to participate they can easily opt out.  This is not an “all in or all out” feature, each client can choose to participate.


There is plenty more ConnectBooster can do for you and your business.  I am here to answer all of your questions!  Give me a call if you would like to get your very own Auto-Button.  But wait…if you are one of the next 10 callers we will include a unicorn…but hurry, quantities are limited.

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