Three Reasons Why Security is Crucial for a Business

Security is a critical component of any business, regardless of the size or industry. With cybercrime on the rise, it’s more important than ever to make sure your business’s data and systems are secure. But why is security so important? What does good security protect you from? Keep reading to find out three key reasons [...]

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How MSPs can find the right Marketing Budget

How should your MSP define its marketing budget? There are several popular approaches to budgeting for marketing, but not all of them work for MSPs. Keep reading as we discuss why some methods fail, and we will offer a few suggestions to point you in the right direction.   Percentage of revenue   Many MSPs [...]

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How MSP Salespeople can win over Skeptical Prospects

MSP salespeople will meet with skeptical prospects at some point—and for some, it may be a daily occurrence. Given the choice, no one wants to buy managed services, and everyone in the room at a sales presentation knows that the salesperson has a vested interest in clinching the deal.   Overcoming stereotypes is just one [...]

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Building A Video Marketing Strategy

In recent years, video has transitioned from being a nice extra feature you could add to your marketing plan to get your name and services out to the public. While many MSPs have been reluctant to embrace video, it is becoming increasingly clear that video marketing is here to stay, and you need to master [...]

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4 MSP Sales Leadership Blunders

Managing Sales Teams Managing salespeople can be extremely challenging, even when you have a great team behind you. It's even more complicated when you juggle sales leadership with other responsibilities. Some people who own MSPs often try to run their businesses and keep an eye on service and delivery at the same time. This means [...]

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6 Tips for MSP Video Marketing

At CharTec Academy, we talk a lot about MSP video marketing. You just can't be competitive today without it, as we've explained here many times. But even those who recognize the value in it sometimes have trouble taking the plunge because they're just too intimidated about appearing on camera. This fear is a common challenge, [...]

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You should be reaping the rewards of MSP video marketing!

You’ve heard it plenty of times: MSP video marketing is needed to be successful.   You understand that it can increase your exposure significantly, raise brand awareness and build trust. And while you certainly wouldn’t mind getting a few extra customers, you just haven’t given it a try yet.   Perhaps you’re not sure where to [...]

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Marketing Content 101: Organic Content vs. Social Media Ads

Marketing 101: Organic Content vs. Social Media Ads. Social Media is a vital part of building a business, and the trends show it's not going anywhere. One of the main pieces of the social media puzzle that seems to confuse and overwhelm businesses the most is whether social media ads are more efficient than straightforward [...]

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4 Tips to Open Doors for Your MSP with Marketing Campaigns

Getting your foot in the door is one of the biggest challenges MSP marketers face. One approach is launching regular marketing campaigns to generate interest in your offerings. CharTec adds a new campaign every month, and we go about it in a very methodical fashion. It’s not easy, but we work hard to create fresh [...]

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MSP’s Can Take Advantage of CorKat’s Hosted Cloud Solutions

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that working remotely is not the future, it is here now. This approach is not new, but massive volumes of workers were essentially forced into working remote last year, and now that they’ve seen the light, the work landscape is forever changed.  In this blog, we'll cover a discussion [...]

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