It’s no secret that first impressions speak volumes. In our case, you want the first impression of you and your business to be one that your prospects can’t ignore. That’s where your marketing message comes into play. It’s important to massage and tailor your marketing message so that it builds interest, but doesn’t give away your whole solution.

When crafting your marketing message, keep these few tricks in mind:


No matter how fancy, clever, or brilliant your message is, it is very rare that just one touch will get someone interested enough to contact you. Unless their company network just went down at the same time that you made contact, you’re probably not going to get a phone call after a single touch. Utilize no less than three touches (phone, email, and postcard/promotional item).


Sure, you’re a technology company and that comes with a lot of perks—the main one being that you have access to the greatest and most innovative gadgets. Unless you’re giving away the product and want to entice the prospect to enter some type of contest, it’s never appropriate to create a simple product advertisement message. Otherwise, you’ll just look like the local bargain basement technology company.


As easy as it is to use cookie-cutter messaging, avoid it at all costs. Your company is different from your competitors, so you want to be sure that your messaging reflects that. Don’t focus so much on trying to stay on trend or using “buzz words,” and spend more time creating Messaging that is unique to your company and reflective of your brand as a whole.


There’s an old saying that 50% of marketing works; we just don’t know what 50% that is. In reality, that means that you’re wasting 50% of your time. It’s impossible to create marketing that works 100% of the time—there are far too many variables—but measuring your efforts will go a long way in determining what was effective and what was not. Did one email get a 25% open rate, while the other only got a measly 5%? Something happened with the messaging or subject line. Keep track of your outreach and you’re much more likely to figure out what truly is working.