Look around not only our industry, but through all companies.  What’s the difference between a happy customer and an ex-customer?  It’s simple, really.  From JetBlue to Amazon, companies that listen to their customers are the ones that keep them.  JetBlue tremendously increased service and customer satisfaction.   Amazon went from selling just books, to the largest online retailer. The power of listening had paved the way for success for many companies around the world.

We strive on listening to our members and truly getting their insight on what we can do better.  Over the years, we have listened to the needs, struggles, demands, and pain points that you as our members face each day.  When a member asks us if we can cover a new topic at Academy, we cover it.  When a member comes to us with a pain point on one of our processes, we review it and make a change.  Through this listening process, we have come up with innovative products and services here at CharTec.  The Perfect RMA was not only from our own pain points with vendors, but also from taking input from our members. Also, having a theme for each CharTec Academy, adding new breakouts, more technical aspects to our Academy…the list goes on and on!

Most recently, listening to the input of our members paved the road for our SaaS BDR.  One common issue members encountered was that they were stuck in agreements with good hardware, but underperforming backup solutions.  You know how embarrassing it can be when your clients’ data is not being backed up properly (look at my last blog for the scary reality of a disaster that is just seconds away from destroying your clients’ data).  Another pain point was looking for an inexpensive, but reliable backup solution. Gaining traction in the channel is the trend of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), which we address with the SaaS BDR.  Create your own or use your current hardware, put our SaaS Solution on top of it, and done!  That extra server sitting at your client’s site—turn it into a fully functioning BDR.

Now, this is just one of the many developments that have come from simply listening to the needs of our members.  Don’t forget, if you want to see something at an Academy, or have a suggestion on how we can streamline one of our products or services, please let us know.  We do listen and take your recommendations seriously.