Marketing Content 101: Organic Content vs. Social Media Ads

Marketing 101: Organic Content vs. Social Media Ads. Social Media is a vital part of building a business, and the trends show it's not going anywhere. One of the main pieces of the social media puzzle that seems to confuse and overwhelm businesses the most is whether social media ads are more efficient than straightforward [...]

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Technical SEO vs. On-Site SEO: Why You Need Both

SEO, or search engine optimization, is an important category, and understanding the difference between Technical SEO vs. On-site SEO is crucial.. Per Search Engine Journal, organic search is most often the primary source of website traffic. When you’re looking at audit reports of your website, it's easy to get bogged down in all the [...]

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Our Favorite ConnectWise Add-Ons

Wouldn’t it be amazing if everything we wanted out of our PSA was available out of the box, with no configuration, no glitchy updates, and no troublesome support requests? Unfortunately, that’s just a pipe dream. The good news is MSP owners and former MSP owners have developed tools to make their lives easier, and [...]

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MSP Marketing…Is it Worth It?

MSP owners tend to play a game of ping-pong when it comes to their marketing, testing out different providers until they meet one they think is going to deliver blazing hot leads ready to sign at a mere glimpse of a salesperson even if they completely botch the sales process. Then, when that provider doesn’t [...]

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Beware – Ransomware

Cybercriminals like to prey on distracted business owners during situations like our current pandemic. While many businesses are fighting just to stay open, hackers are using this time as an opportunity to breach unguarded data. A quick Google search shows us that, “85% of Managed Service Providers report ransomware attacks as the most common malware threat to small to [...]

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2020 – The Year Everything Changed

If you’ll recall, in last week’s blog, We’re Heading Toward the Light, we talked about some of the issues Managed Service Providers are having, and ways we are overcoming those issues. As always, it is our mission to lead the way by utilizing technology to overcome the challenges our clients face. By using and offering [...]

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The Leadership Traits You Must Have

It can be hard to develop proper leadership traits if you’re not naturally outgoing and outspoken, but it can be done. In order for a business to run smoothly or a group to work together, someone must be in the leadership role and have the right qualities. Just labeling yourself the “leader” isn’t going to [...]

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One Simple Secret to Making Your Clients Happy: Listen

Look around not only our industry, but through all companies.  What's the difference between a happy customer and an ex-customer?  It’s simple, really.  From JetBlue to Amazon, companies that listen to their customers are the ones that keep them.  JetBlue tremendously increased service and customer satisfaction.   Amazon went from selling just books, to the largest online retailer. The power of [...]

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