How hard is your personal LinkedIn profile working for you?  Does it keep your phone ringing off the hook? Are prospects trying to bust down your door to do business with you?

No? …then you’re doing it all wrong. 

You sell managed services and need as many tools in your selling toolbox as possible. Whether you’re tapped out on the amount of new clients you can take on at this very moment or desperate for the phone to ring, a proper LinkedIn profile is mandatory (and free!). Here are 7 quick tips to get you going in the right direction.

  1. Your personal LinkedIn profile should be A REFLECTION OF WHERE YOU ARE GOING and not a chronological history of where you’ve been. Save your resume for the history lesson and leave it at home. When selling yourself, the only thing that is important is what you bring to your client’s table.
  2. BE AUTHENTIC! Who are you? Does your profile reflect your personality? The theory that your personal LinkedIn profile needs to be all business is a major misconception millions of people have and their sales funnel reflects that mistake.  In a world where most of us meet online before we’re ever face to face, it’s vital we have the courage to stand out.  Its ok to