You might have noticed that a lot of companies are hosting webinars these days. There’s a good chance you’ve attended more than one yourself. At CharTec, we’re big fans of webinars, and you only need to look at our archives for proof of that. There’s a good reason we put so much effort into this approach: they’re one of the highest-converting forms of marketing there is. Check Out These Webinar Statistics.

Hosting a webinar can make your MSP stand out from the competition and position you as an expert in your field, building your credibility while generating new leads and keeping current clients engaged. Here’s a closer look at the top 6 benefits of putting on a webinar for MSPs.


You can position yourself as an expert.

As an MSP, establishing authority is essential – and hosting a webinar contributes to this. The best way to attract and retain clients is by showing them that you are an expert in the field who has the answers they seek. Providing them with insightful and valuable information that addresses their concerns and questions enhances your authority.

Webinars introduce a human element to your MSP, allowing existing and potential clients to have a more personal connection to you. As you give your presentation, they will get to know you better. This awareness can build trust and foster long-term relationships.

If your MSP is vertical-centric, you can use webinars to keep your customers informed of the latest compliance regulations and other updates in the industry. You’ll become the problem solver when you let them know how your MSP is acting to ensure they remain compliant.


You can boost partnerships while offering expert insight.

If you invite industry experts to your webinars – for example, someone from the companies whose services you use – you can give your clients a new and in-depth perspective on the matter at hand while deepening your relationship with the vendor. Moreover, many of these experts will promote the event to their audience, drawing prospects in that you previously didn’t have access to and further enhancing your authority before hosting a webinar.


You can enhance your brand value.

With your webinar, you will be exposing attendees to your MSP’s brand repeatedly. This awareness will make you more memorable to your target audience, and people will associate you with the MSP sphere. There are multiple opportunities throughout the process to tell people why they need you. Make sure to display your logo, say your name, use your brand colors and remind everyone how your MSP will help them.


They’re a great source of high-quality sales leads.

Those who attend your webinars are, by definition, qualified leads as they’ve already demonstrated they are willing to spend their time watching your presentation. Use webinars to obtain contact information when people register. Also, collect more information on them by asking them to participate in your Q&A session or polls displayed during the webinar. All of this is valuable information that can help you personalize your sales approach for each prospect.


You can boost engagement.

A client signs up with your MSP, pays their bills, and calls you up when they have a problem. That’s often the extent of these relationships. It’s a huge missed opportunity. After putting in the effort to acquire new customers, you need to work on retaining them. Keeping them engaged is one of the best ways of doing this.

Posting videos online is passive, but webinars have scope for interaction. Your audience can participate in live chat, Q&A sessions, and polls. This interaction opens the lines of communication and leads to that all-important increased engagement that keeps your customers on your books.


You can repurpose the content.

Hosting a webinar does take some effort, but there are long-term benefits beyond simply having the session recorded for future viewing. For example, you can edit your webinar into shorter social media videos that are easier to digest and appeals to those short on time and need specific guidance. You can share the slides you used in the webinar or use them to create infographics and other social media posts. You can convert the webinar into a podcast, a series of blog posts, or even an eBook.

These are just a few of the compelling reasons your MSP should consider hosting a webinar. For a relatively low investment, you can reap tremendous rewards by attracting and retaining new clients.

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