For those of you who missed last week’s Academy, boy, you really did miss out! We decided to combine two of our best Academies and put them under one roof at the same time. That’s right, the dynamic duo of Sales and Marketing! Alex Rogers and Emalee Sugano rocked the house during a duel session on Marketing and Sales: You Can’t Substitute the Dynamic Duo. Sales and Marketing go hand in hand, and one of the biggest myths is that Sales IS Marketing. Nope, and it’s not the other way around either. Sales and Marketing have a very dynamic relationship that is dependent on each other. One key thing to remember, is that Marketing is the messaging, the branding, and it piques the curiosity of the end user or client. Marketing’s job is to bring in the leads for sales. If marketing does their job properly, the leads will not be random, but be solid and qualified. From here, the sales process kicks in and it’s up to sales to close them. Marketing doesn’t close the deal, but they put the deal in front of the salesperson.

Alex goes on to talk about his Sales process from start to finish for day 2. The entire Marketing team had breakouts covering everything from proper prospecting, campaigns in ConnectWise, events, HTML, content, and so much more. This month however we had a special guest for Academy; certified QBS trainer and sales extraordinaire, Alan Rohrer. Alan has been working with the CharTec team now for many years and had worked hand in hand with Alex on developing the CharTec Sales process as you know it today. The QBS methodology is such an important part of our sales training that we fly Alan out for each and every CharTec Sales Lab to provide a full day of training and counsel for the remainder of the 3 days. QBS is such an important part of selling and teaches you how to become a better listener and ask the right questions. It was a joy to have Alan out to share with us the Top 10 Myths of Selling and Stop Selling: How to Help Your Customers Buy. Both of these sessions are recorded and will be on the ConnectSite for your review in the weeks to come.

If you missed out on this month’s Academy, don’t worry, we’ll have another Sales and Marketing Academy in August. Now let’s say something a bit more technical is your forte? Well, then we’ll see you next month for the Operations Academy! If you’re interested in registering early for our Academy, click here to get going! We hope to see you next month for Operations!