CharTec is excited to announce we have won two AVA Digital Awards 2023 for our Marketing Efforts.

Out of 2,700 entries, we won awards in Two Categories: Individual Achievement, and Digital Marketing Campaigns. The AVA Digital Awards 2023 were for helping our Premium Marketing Member, Macatawa Technologies, increase their lead generation and overall sales through our Marketing Efforts.

AVA Digital recognizes outstanding achievement by creative professionals in the digital communication field. Judges are industry professionals who look for talent that exceeds a high standard of excellence and sets a benchmark in the Digital Marketing Industry.

CharTec’s Marketing Department is very proud to win these awards.

Macatawa Technologies is an excellent example of how a small business can succeed through outsourcing its marketing services.

Macatawa has been a CharTec member for years, but they admit they had very little engagement on their end. They attended a few Training Academies, but that’s as far as the relationship went. In 2021, they signed up for an annual subscription with CORE and it became clear that CharTec could help them grow exponentially over time.

In 2022, they pulled the trigger and signed up for CharTec’s Premium Marketing Membership because of its offers. The onboarding process began in February of 2022, and they were off!

On a scheduled video meeting, CharTec’s Director of Marketing, Brandi Rogers, met with Tony Dykstra, Director of Sales at Macatawa Technologies to discuss how CharTec’s Marketing efforts were helping.

Tony says, within the first six months, the combination of CharTec’s Sales Process, coupled with Macatawa outsourcing their Marketing to CharTec has been a game-changer. He says he really likes the structure of the content, and it helps his team focus on how to approach their customers.

Macatawa’s inbound calls have greatly increased and that has led to closing more deals than they ever have. He noticed an increase in calls after the first two months. Macatawa signed seven new clients in one month, which brought in over $9,000 in fresh MRR! This only took about four months after signing up with CharTec,

$9,000 in fresh MRR in one month!

Tony attributes the increase of calls directly to CharTec’s ad campaigns. He says, “They (new prospects) remembered our name from seeing it somewhere.”

Brandi says the Ads she and her team create for Macatawa are designed with SPECIFIC KEYWORDS.  These direct people who run Google searches straight to Macatawa’s website.

Tony says that the thing he likes most about being a Premium Marketing Member is that he doesn’t have to come up with content every week. And, even though he’s busy, he’s ready for more! Brandi is very happy with the results Macatawa is seeing, but Tony says it makes him even happier.

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