Imagine; 8:30pm on a Friday… it’s date night. This is now the 6th date night you have missed in a row. You have a client down and you are onsite taking care of him and getting him back up and running. Sound familiar? Well it should, because we have all been there at one point or another in our businesses. The true question is are you still there or have you moved past it? You then sit back and wonder if your dream of owning a business is really paying off, or if your reality is something farther off then what you originally imagined it to be. So let’s step back and take a look at what you originally thought was what you wanted in your business vs. what is really going on.

You wanted to be your own boss, set your own schedule, take vacations any time you wanted and for as long as you wanted. You wanted to be able to provide for your family or even just have a very comfortable lifestyle, a nice sports car and a bunch of toys. That was the dream wasn’t it, the whole reason you started your business… now IS this in fact your reality?

So what does your day look like? Are you just making ends meet, working all hours of the day (basically living at the office), carrying the perpetual stress day in and day out, living project to project? Are you tired of being trapped in the day-to-day grind? So now what? What are you doing to do to build your company? We recommend a few things… get a PSA in place, learn how to automate many of your processes, and hire the right people. This is more than just hiring a sales person; but technicians, operations staff, service staff, and customer service. You need to hire the right people across the board. Using a tool like DISC helps to ensure you are placing the right people in the right job roles, and assists in learning to understand your employees. But if you are still making service calls or going on site to give a managed services presentation, how are you ever going to build and develop your business? It’s about time you stopped working IN your business and started working ON it. How, you might ask, can you as a business CEO accomplish this? By learning, being mentored, learning some more, and then executing. Join Alex Rogers of CharTec, Matt Nachtrab of LabTech, and many other CEOs from across the industry to learn how they turned their small business practices into multimillion dollar businesses. Hear from the experts what the keys are to building not only a profitable business, but one that you can sit back and watch. Remember, the goal is to work on growing your business, not working in the day-to-day operations of it. We’ll see you February 27-28th! Click here to register for what will be 2 days of extreme training, and a one-on-one CEO experience you can’t get anywhere else in the channel!