In case you missed it, we had our first Operations Academy of the year last week. We had a full house with over 100 attendees, so full we had to sit people in conference rooms just to watch live simulcasts of the main room keynotes and presentations. So here’s a re-cap of what you missed last week.

From here on out, we really need to re-name the Operations Academy to the Shane Swanson Academy. Shane stole the show this academy giving a total of 8 sessions! Day one, Shane laid the ground work to understanding key processes for our MSP such as hiring technicians, help desk, the importance of proper process creation, and the perfect client experience. Day two he took a deep dive into ConnectWise for a hands on session about profitability, dashboard reporting, and projects.

Day 2 kicked off with Tim Brewer and his amazing presentation on Incremental Change: Small Steps to Huge Success. He took the CharTec Theme of Fueling Business Success and brought it to life in his presentation. Tim talked about the evolution of changing a tire. From how long it takes you to change it on the side of the road all the way up through the different motorsports from NASCAR to F1. The time, the team, and the processes all change depending on the advances of the sport. A Man on the side of the road can change the tire by himself in 47 minutes. This represents the one-man-shop. Having to do everything yourself with little to no help. Now after you grow and build upon your business you get some extra hands. The more hands you have to work with, the better your overall business can be. From processes to procedures, you’re no longer having to do all the work yourself. You have dedicated staff members that each play an important job role. You have one guy whose job is to remove the 5 lug nuts from the tires, another guy to remove the tire, and another guy to fill the tank. Each person had their own role within the company; within the pit crew. Now take your employees and advance the technology and the processes. Instead of 5 lug nuts per wheel, how about taking it down to one, which saves on time and resources and improves overall efficiency. Instead of having a 35 pound jack, how about one that only weighs 6 pounds? These are just some of the advancements that you can expect to see in a Formula 1 team. Think about how you grew your company and then added such tools and technology like an RMM or PSA software? How about when you added training? Or proper job descriptions and roadmaps? How much more efficient can your company be when you have the right people in the right positions and the right tools and technology in place?

In closing Tim Brewer left us with these words:

The Power of Team
The Power of Innovation
The Power of Standardization
The Power of Momentum

These are all small steps to make huge success in your MSP. So ask yourself, what are you doing in your MSP to hit these points?