We all know how difficult it is to offer intangible services in the MSP sales industry which is why adding HaaS helps. The MSP Salespeople, unlike most other sales jobs, cannot show prospects a new sofa to sit on, a new home to move into, or a gleaming new car to test drive. That is why we need to build perceived value and portray a picture of a rocky future if they don’t sign with us to get the prospect excited.

There is something physical we can sell, but many of us forget about it while we’re trying to close a deal: hardware. While many of us provide HaaS, other MSPs are still hesitant to sell hardware packages to their clients. We’re here to warn you that you’re missing out on easy MRR if you don’t include HaaS in your offer.

Let’s go through some reasons why you should offer HaaS to your clients, as well as some intangible benefits you can use to hook your clients who need a little more info.


In today’s competitive company market, lost efficiency, and productivity due to outdated hardware can eat into your client’s profits. If their technology fails, they won’t be able to make any money.

Replace your clients’ hardware every three years to keep them running smoothly. This step is something that most business owners want to accomplish but rarely do. Most of the time, owners will only replace the equipment that breaks when it is needed most. They become receptive to the problems that they face. You can provide a proactive solution by ensuring that their hardware is up to date, working smoothly, and capable of handling the latest software and apps.

No upfront costs:

When you offer HaaS to your clients, you can include hardware expenditures as part of your overall package. If your Managed Services offering costs $59 per workstation, adding HaaS and raising the pricing to $79 per workstation makes sense for your client. They’ll think to themselves, “Wow, for only $20 a month, we can get a BRAND-NEW computer station!” And there’s no money down! When they calculate how much money they’ll save, you can see dollar signs rolling over their eyes.

Reduced Capital Expense:

When you tell business owners that they can write off 100 percent of their hardware expenses without having to depreciate those assets over time, they become overjoyed. Because such capital expenses become operating expenses under the HaaS program, the expense is taxed differently. (Remind them to double-check with their CPA to be safe!)

The money they save, along with the assurance that their hardware is being handled by the same business that handles their IT, gives you a lot of negotiating power when it comes time to close the deal. Your clients can control their annual budget because you protected them from “surprise” technology failures when they rolled the cost of Managed Services in with the cost of new hardware purchases. This benefit is a hidden advantage you can use to seal the deal.

No More Obsolete Technology:

We are all aware that technology evolves at a rapid rate. Your clients have industry-specific technologies that are their primary focus. Our job is to keep their office technology up-to-date and in working condition so that they may focus on their work.

It’s our obligation as MSPs to stay on top of the latest software, hardware, and security advancements. Small and medium-sized business owners do not have the time or resources to keep up with current developments. However, this is one service we provide, and it will provide your clients with peace of mind. They will sleep better at night knowing that their office equipment will not become obsolete soon.

Up-to-Date Cybersecurity when using Haas:

The hacking industry is rising by the day. According to security sources, every firm has been the target of multiple hacking attempts, but not every business has been hacked… yet. It’s only a matter of time before it happens. Fortunately for us, most hackers are lazy and will take a simple way out if someone’s security system is poor. If they cannot break into one system, they will immediately move on to another one until they succeed.

If business owners grow too careless about security concerns and cannot upgrade or install patches as soon as they are issued, their chances of being hacked increase dramatically.

You Will Also Benefit from Haas!

As MSPs, we must know how to support our clients’ hardware and software, regardless of the platform or software they use. We can control every IT environment and standardize the equipment, software programs, and security packages they all use by supplying HaaS and SaaS to our clients. We cannot just replace outmoded technology but also standardize and automate how we monitor and respond to daily operations.

If you don’t include HaaS in your offer, you’re making things more difficult for yourself and your customers. When you package intangibles with all-new hardware, you can employ these methods to increase perceived value. And that will help you close more deals!

If you want help setting up your HaaS offering, you can always contact us at sales@chartec.net or Submit your 2 second request here.