After a year of addressing the pain points that most MSPs have, from upselling difficulties to a lack of marketing manpower, Goal Assist™ was created as an expansion of our White Glove Support and includes hands-on assistance with our Partners’ direct sales interactions and focuses on helping position them as subject matter experts on dark web security.

Here’s how it works:

Winning New Sales Deals:

Our dedicated Partner Success Team can now virtually attend sales meetings by web conference or phone to help with positioning Dark Web ID™ Monitoring and educating current or potential clients. Having our team present when tough questions arise is helping our Partners close more business and land some bigger clients!

Training the Sales Team:

With the right messaging and resources, our Partners’ sales teams have a much higher success rate selling dark web monitoring. We provide tips and tricks to overcome objections, and practice via role play sessions.

Guest Hosted Webinars:

Our Partner Success team will join on webinars as a special guest. In this way, we help educate the attendees on the threats that are out there today and drive home the importance of monitoring for exposed credentials.

Enterprise Training:

Through our Selling to Enterprise Businesses training program, we help to bolster the confidence needed to a pitch to large companies and increase the chances chance of closing the big ones.

On Demand Videos:

We’re providing pre-recorded segments that are brandable for our Partners to use in PowerPoints, at Live Events or during Webinars.

Event Support:

Our team can help prepare for a Lunch & Learn, Seminar, Webinar, Golf Outing, Chamber of Commerce event, or whatever our Partners can dream up. We’ll share what has worked for some of our most successful Partners!

In the short time since launching, we’ve helped a Partner with a Lunch & Learn that led to a signed deal with over 500 employees. By role playing prospecting calls, we helped to close a deal with an enterprise customer with a $5,000 upfront pre-payment. We provided a specialized sales preparation that led to closing a $7,100 MRR deal, which generated $4,800 more than the typical monthly revenue.

These are just a few examples of how much more successful our Partners are when they take advantage of the amazing services provided by our Partner Success team.