So imagine this, your best sales guy (or girl) comes in and says he finally closed ABC Construction! Bottles of Champaign start to pop, high fives for everyone and the accounting department gets a nice fat check to deposit in the bank! Then reality starts to set in, the sales guy goes to the technical team and says, hey guys, this is what I just sold, I’m making a ton of commission on it so just make it happen. He hands over a solution he put together himself and then techs stare in disbelief. There is no way we can support this or even make this network work. Sale guy says something along the lines of, “Well you guys are smart, you’ll figure it out.” For the next 6 agonizing months the techs are onsite day after day after day trying to figure out how to set everything up. The sales guy’s cell phone is getting blown up because they don’t know how to enter tickets or check the status of anything. ABC Construction has not only become your worst client, but because of the bad service, no onboarding, and a solution that was put into place to make the sales guy money, not to solve problems, they just became your latest former client. The client just fired you. Guess what, this all could have been avoided by having what we like to call the Perfect Client Experience.

Below are the steps to the Perfect Client Experience, now if you’re looking for a full breakdown on each step, please see the link here.

Step 1: The Welcome Kit

Step 2: Project Team Handoff

Step 2a: Introduction to Client

Step 2b: Behind the Scenes

Step 2c: Time to Deploy

Step 2d: Project Team Wrap Up

Step 3: Hand Off to Support

Step 4: Sales to Train the Client

Step 5: TBR/QBR Celebration