Because people spend more and more time online, it’s not surprising that digital marketing has become so popular. We forget to remember that traditional marketing remains a very effective tool for growing a business. Many MSPs overlook the traditional marketing of their business, but there are reasons why you shouldn’t ignore this approach. 

Traditional marketing encompasses ideas used to grow your business, such as advertising in print media. TV spots may not be in reach for smaller MSPs, but approaches like radio ads, billboards, etc allow you to reach audiences effectively.

Many marketing methods that have served businesses for decades continue to be effective, but a fresher approach may be relevant. Indeed, many experts believe that offline and online campaigns work best when used together. Setting the foundation of your brand elsewhere can be more fruitful than just doing digital ads. Offline campaigns are effective in laying the groundwork for your digital marketing and should propel prospects into action.

Don’t forget about local marketing!

Event marketing is one way for MSPs to market effectively and affordably within their community. Nonprofit events are an excellent way of reaching potential clients. In addition, local print ads can give you incredible bang for your buck. You may be able to buy an ad in your area for around $250. You might also consider sponsoring events, direct mail, or taking out billboard ads. 

Traditional marketing is still an effective way to market yourself within your community. In addition, it is something that can happen quarterly, annually, or as frequently as you wish. Be consistent with your message and look, it can be a valuable way of getting your name out there.

How can traditional marketing be beneficial?

Here is a look at some ways traditional marketing can help your MSP make a name for itself. 

It’s familiar.

Traditional marketing methods are a comfortable and familiar means of reaching people. This means that people trust them and understand how they work. This type of advertising is easy to understand and straightforward, making it more accessible to a broader audience.

It can be more permanent.

Social media advertising is unquestionably effective, but there is also something helpful about having a promotional flyer in someone’s workplace or home. It will serve as a physical reminder of your existence as people walk past it multiple times per day. Likewise, business cards and personalized magnets can stick around for a long time to serve as a reminder of your business for future reference. A potential customer might not need your MSP’s services now, but you can be sure your name will pop into their mind when they do need someone if they’ve been staring at it when they’ve opened their fridge for the last few years!

It lends a sense of credibility.

While the internet has become a way of life for many people, some still view digital marketing with a degree of scepticism. Print materials can provide a sense of credibility that is absent with digital ads, and it’s a great way to show that your company goes the extra mile to get its brand noticed. While traditional marketing ads are not nearly as expensive as they once were, they are still associated with established mediums and bigger budgets, providing the perception of a stable, successful company.

Traditional marketing supports your digital efforts.

Hopefully, your MSP invested in a great website that is full of helpful content and strong branding. Traditional marketing can help direct people directly to it. Something like printing QR codes on flyers and business cards that lead people to your web page is an easy way to provide interested parties with more information about your brand and business.

Growing your MSP in the modern world as marketing tools and strategies constantly evolve can be daunting. When it comes to MSP marketing, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Experimenting with new ideas and capitalizing on the methods that get results is the real secret to successfully growing your customer base. And one thing is clear: relying solely on digital marketing approaches means you’ll never be able to reach all your potential customers. 

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