Everyone knows what social media is and how we use it for personal interactions. But have you ever thought about what social media for MSPs can do? Regardless of how you feel about social media from a personal standpoint, if you aren’t using it for your brand, you will miss out on an incredible opportunity to grow your business and get your name more recognizable. 

Use social media to ensure your brand is well-established online. For maximum impact, you need to create a presence on various platforms if you want to succeed. Having a website with a regularly updated blog and video content is helpful, but your online activities need to be broader to have an effect. Let’s go over a few tips on how to maximize your digital marketing. 

Diversify your social media for MSPs 

Social media platforms such as LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter can be valuable for MSPs. LinkedIn and Facebook are good places to interact with your audiences, so consider starting there. 

Establishing a presence on one platform is a step in the right direction, but you need to diversify because the audiences on these platforms will vary. You’ll reach different groups of people on Facebook than you do on LinkedIn. For example, LinkedIn tends to be a bit more professional, so you’ll want to cater the content you post there to that type of audience. Facebook is a little more casual, but there are more ads you will compete with. 

Be organized 

It is best to approach your social media campaigns from an organized perspective. At CharTec, we plan our content quarterly using a social media calendar. Plan your marketing efforts with your team periodically. Discuss holidays and other important dates coming up and schedule your ads so that you don’t have to worry about it every week. You can then focus on important business aspects, such as growing and expanding.  

Social media users who have only used it for personal purposes may not be aware that there are tools available for posting ads for your business to make your life easier. For example, Facebook and LinkedIn allow you to schedule posts in advance. This step means that you can create a schedule, stick to it, get your posts ready well ahead of time, feed them into the system and be consistent in the way that you are reaching out to others.   

Keep your branding consistent 

Remember to keep your branding consistent throughout your campaigns. Perhaps you have come up with some themes for a regular content series, such as “Tip Tuesdays”. Any time you do something like this – or any other type of post – you’ll need to ensure that your branding, colors, and fonts are consistent. You want people to know that it came from you when they first glance at it.  

Be helpful and relevant 

When you are posting to social media, you want to stay relevant to your audience. You don’t want viewers to get tired of seeing your posts and unfollow or mute you. Be genuinely helpful. For example, you might share tips and news on the IT industry and how your business offers these new advancements. You can use video, text, storytelling, images, or anything else you want if you do it consistently.  

The goal is to be helpful and informative to position yourself as a valuable resource. You want to build authority in the field and be the name people think of when they need help in IT.  

In addition to being informative, you might also want to incorporate opportunities for storytelling. For example, you might share that you recently hired or promoted someone in your business by introducing them and talking about who they are. You could give a shout-out to a new company you’ve just signed a deal with or discuss events that you will be holding soon. The important thing is to keep the engagement going throughout your platforms.  

Testimonials are valuable, so you can use social media to share recent reviews and encourage your audience to leave reviews for you.   

Social media for MSPs is a valuable tool 

One of the best things about social media marketing for MSPs is that, while it may require some effort, it will only cost you time and not money. That means it’s a great way for MSPs on a tight budget to grow their business with no financial investment. Social media platforms and videos are great ways to increase brand awareness without spending a dime.  

Through social media, you’ll spread your brand and create a usable marketing funnel. The awareness and engagement created by your social media posts can help bring in new customers. Don’t expect results overnight, so stay persistent and patient. 

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