Every quarter you start getting invitations to attend the CharTec Academy. Maybe we’ve never piqued your curiosity to attend. Maybe you’ve been 15 times and you’re wondering if you can squeeze any more value out. Here are the top seven reasons to attend the next CharTec Academy no matter how many you’ve been to before.

1. Keep Up with Your Peers

MSPs that attend the CharTec Academy have access to the most effective, proven, and consistently tested processes for their businesses. Choosing not to attend puts you at a major disadvantage. Picture your biggest competitor getting access to the best in the business while you sit at home wondering how you can possibly make ends meet. Fixing this is pretty simple. Register and log on. We don’t charge a dime and give you access to all of our Academy sessions, not just the sponsor content (although you’ll get access to all of their goods too).

2. New Industry Experts

Every Academy, we bring in the best MSP experts. This time around, we’re adding to our line-up. You already have access to multiple 10, 20 and 30 year MSP veterans, but we’re bringing yet another sales expert into the fold. Specifically, someone that transitioned his MSP from a VAR within the last few years, so he knows exactly what many of you are facing on a daily basis.

3. You’ve Forgotten More Than You Think

We hear all the time, “I’ve already seen Alex present the sales process. Why would I need to go again?” Two reasons. First, Alex updates the sales process to match what’s going on in the world, so there’s something new every time he presents. Sometimes it’s subtle, sometimes there’s been major renovation. Second, you naturally forget 50% of what you’ve learned from a training within a couple weeks, particularly if that training occurred online. Bottom line, you need to hear what we’re teaching again, and again, and again to stay on top.

4. Life-Changing Results

From complete transitions from $0 MRR to $250K recurring monthly to finally earning best in class profitability, CharTec trainings work. Check out what some of our clients have to say. They all got their start at a CharTec Academy.

5. No Excuses

Sure, it was hard to get on a plane with 3 chickens and a goat to make your way to Bakersfield. Now, you don’t have to worry about that, nor the cost of airfare or hotel. Simply log on at your office. If you can’t attend all the sessions, register anyway. Attend what you can, and make sure you implement what you’ve learned.

6. After-Hours Fun

After a long day of training, we all need to cut loose a little bit. When we have our trainings in Bakersfield, we offer casino night and Club Charlie. While we can’t open up a bar in each of your offices, we can still have a good time. Our fabulous sponsor, CorKat, will again be sponsoring our after hours fun! This time, we’ll be hosting a virtual trivia night. Study up on your CorKat, cloud, technology, and just plain fun trivia to be ready for this time together.

7. Over $8,000 in Prizes

Over the course of the three days, CharTec and our sponsors give away major prizes for engaging and participating. From gift cards to tropical trips to time with our best trainers, come for the learning, and stay for the prize winnings. We’ll make sure you’re well taken care of.

We’re gearing up for our best Academy yet. Will you be joining us?