When small and midsized businesses realize that their technical needs require greater attention, they often consider hiring a dedicated IT person or enlisting the services of an MSP. At this point, they have probably accepted that their information technology infrastructure and systems are worth investing in, and now they need to determine the best way to get a good return on that investment. 


As an MSP, it’s your job to sell your services to new clients. You’re well aware of the advantages you offer your clients when they choose your services over hiring an in-house IT person. Almost everyone who has hired you shares your view, and it’s why you went into the business in the first place. But it doesn’t matter how obvious it may seem to you why an MSP is a superior choice; if you can’t communicate the advantages effectively to potential clients, your business will not grow.  


The perfect IT professional 

 CharTec Director of Sales Nick Points often does an exercise with CharTec Academy attendees where he asks them to describe their perfect IT person.   

The responses focused on the same themes: The perfect IT person is responsive and solves technical problems almost instantly. Of course, they never get sick or take vacations, which means a business owner can call them whenever something goes wrong, and they’ll gladly step in and rectify it. It’s almost as though they can be in two places at once. 

What else? They’re highly affordable, working for what amounts to less than minimum wage. And they know everything there is to know about all aspects of IT. Whether it’s cybersecurity, server issues, software, hardware, or just fixing the office photocopier, they know it all. On top of that, they happily and effectively deal with vendors and do technology consulting and engineering.  

In addition, they’ve got the right social skills to make those around them feel good while communicating technical points to the business in a clear language they understand. They’re good at educating clients and have endless patience when ensuring everything is in place.  

An MSP is a Superhuman Solution 

This fantasy is what many businesses think they are going to get when they hire an IT person. But can one human do all of that? And even if they could, would they be willing to do it for less than minimum wage? 

The truth is that no IT professional can be two places at once, 24/7, with knowledge of every single aspect of technology. But that doesn’t mean it’s all a pipe dream; your MSP is the embodiment of the ideal IT person. 

 This service is what you need to communicate. Show that you’ve got the tools, the software, and the web service. You’ve got the know-how, and you’ve probably got several specialists. You have loaner equipment, so work doesn’t stop when computers break. You’ve got people who can educate clients on an ongoing basis. Focus on explaining how you can solve problems that the best IT person in the world simply cannot. 


MSPs are the clear winner in terms of Cyber Security 

 One area to emphasize in any pitch is cybersecurity. In the past, there may have only been a few ways for hackers to gain an edge. Perhaps a sharp IT person could have handled all this on their own in addition to their other duties.  

But that’s not the reality as time moves on. Cyberattacks are growing increasingly sophisticated, and hackers are taking approaches that all the antivirus and antispam solutions in the world cannot stop. Businesses need to know that those solutions provide a false sense of security. Good hackers aren’t going in through the front door anymore; they’re finding openings through avenues such as vulnerable employees who aren’t versed in best cybersecurity practices. Hackers find a weakness in one person with admin privileges, and it’s game over.  

Staying on top of the latest developments in cybersecurity is a full-time job that requires a high level of expertise. A single IT person who fixes broken laptops and cell phones at the office can’t give it the attention it needs, which could be devastating for a business. It has even closed many unlucky businesses. 

An MSP, in contrast, offers all of this. Prospects need to know that working with an MSP gives them access to an entire team of experts with diverse skill sets. This structure means someone knowledgeable is always there to deliver when support is needed. You can’t get the synergy of expertise across areas like consulting, server and network architecture, hardware and software integration, hardware purchases, or security and general maintenance from a single person. 


If you’re talking to a company that is trying to decide between hiring an internal IT professional or an MSP, ask them what their ideal IT person offers and show them how your MSP can do all of that and even more – for a far better price. And don’t make it about what you can do — it must be about what you will do for them.