Do you know the people working for you?

This question goes above and beyond just their name and job title.  Better put, do you know who they are?

How many kids do they have?  Do they have any hobbies?  Where did they go to on vacation last week?  Did you even notice they were gone?

Naturally, the next question would be: Do your employees know who you are?

Or, are you just some suit with no face and the big office?

If this sounds like your business, just a bunch of walking job titles, then you aren’t doing yourself any good.  All this anonymity makes for no loyalty.  In other words, your nonexistent relationships encourage ‘temporary’ mindsets.  I’m only here until I find something better.

When you take the time to build solid connections with the people you work with, you’re also strengthening the bond these people have with your company.  You’re promoting loyalty and asking for dedication.  When you have these things on your side, you’ll have employees that produce overall superior results.  This is because they no longer view their position as just another stepping stone to a better company.

You are the better company.

Because they consider themselves an asset to you and to your company, they begin to visualize things in the long term. Ultimately, this means more productivity, more creativity and, ultimately, more growth.

The benefits of taking the anonymity out of the workplace don’t stop there, though.  Because you’ve built relationships and encouraged a permanent mindset, your employees will promote you; now that they know who you are, they can actually do this.

Basically, you’ve managed to create a culture that embraces familial characteristics.  And, what’s better than that?