A large-scale data breach has the power to cripple any organization, regardless of size. Unfortunately, these data breaches usually start with compromised credentials sold to the highest bidder on the Dark Web. Right now, all that stands in the way of your customers and a potentially massive and costly breach is a few passwords… but you can help mitigate that risk.

Why is Dark Web Monitoring Essential?

Be honest – you’ve Googled your own name, right? Were you surprised by the number of links that popped up? Today, you can find out a lot about people with a simple web search. Given the amount of information available on the surface web, just imagine what could be out there on the Dark Web.

Unfortunately, many companies take the “ignorance is bliss” approach to compromised credentials. Huge breaches happen to other/bigger companies, but not theirs, right? Wrong. A major breach could happen to anyone at any time. In fact, many of your customers likely already have stolen credentials for sale on the Dark Web right now, without even realizing it.

Dark Web monitoring is essential for any company that wants to keep their data secure and avoid the far-reaching ramifications of a data breach – like noncompliance fines, loss of business, virtual theft, damaged reputations, and more. In a world where everything is digital, companies must be vigilant about data protection. So, it’s crucial they have some protections in place, including a partner to help them scour darkest corners of the web, watching for credential compromise. And when you offer proactive services to keep their credentials safe, your customers are sure to trust your business.

In an age of increasingly common data breaches and the high costs associated, offering Dark Web monitoring as a service can be a competitive advantage for your MSP. Incorporating this service into your initial sales pitch or as an add-on offering for your existing customers sets you apart from competitors that may not even be talking about Dark Web monitoring. It’s a low-impact offering for you, requiring little time and few resources, that has a great potential for increased recurring revenue.

3 Tips for Closing the Deal on Dark Web Monitoring

Now that we know the why behind selling Dark Web monitoring as a service, let’s explore the how. Effectively selling this service is easy when you have the right strategy behind it. These three tips make it easy to close profitable deals on Dark Web monitoring.

Find the Right Solution

While you could attempt to monitor the Dark Web yourself, there are much easier (and SAFER) ways to tackle this service. Look for a solution like Dark Web ID™, to help you keep tabs on your customers’ credentials. Dark Web ID offers 24/7 Dark Web monitoring and will alert you when there are signs that your customers’ credentials have been compromised.

With a Dark Web monitoring solution that you can resell to your customers, you can increase your monthly recurring revenue, without investing any additional time or resources into a new service. All you have to do is add the solution to your service offering, and you have a new competitive advantage and source of revenue.

Educate and Demonstrate

Once you have the right solution in place, you now face the task of convincing your customers they need Dark Web monitoring. While you’re familiar with the Dark Web and the threat it poses, your customers probably aren’t. To them, “Dark Web” might sound like something out of a sci-fi movie. So, it’s up to you to educate them on the topic. Incorporate a brief lesson on the Dark Web into your sales pitch.

After your customers understand what the Dark Web is, show them why Dark Web monitoring is crucial. Talk about recent data breaches, like the ones ID Agent publishes every week in our blog The Week in Breach, and the high costs associated with them. If you really want to drive the point home, you could run a quick search for your customers’ credentials using the Dark Web monitoring solution you’ve adopted. It’s likely their credentials have been compromised already, which easily demonstrates the necessity of taking action to prevent further compromises.

Establish a Packaging and Pricing Structure

Monthly recurring revenue — it’s the Holy Grail for MSPs. If growing your MRR in 2019 is top of your goals list, Dark Web monitoring can help you get there. There are a number of ways you can incorporate Dark Web monitoring into your service offering, but you need to carefully consider how to present it to your customers so that it’s affordable for them and profitable for your company.

When it comes to packaging, you have a couple of options. You can offer Dark Web monitoring as a built-in aspect of your annual service contract, increasing the cost to reflect the new service. This is a wise option for larger companies with flexible budgets. You could also offer Dark Web monitoring to customers as an add-on monthly service, which may be a better option for small to mid-size customers.

Then, consider pricing. Today, this is an essential offering. Hackers are becoming more and more savvy when it comes to digital theft. When you effectively communicate that to your customers, they should be willing to pay almost any price to protect their credentials. Communicate that they’re paying a small cost now to avoid the huge costs associated with a data breach in the future. It’s almost like insurance. You may also want to scale the price for Dark Web monitoring based on the number of employees at your customers’ companies. ID Agent assigns all our Partners to a Partner Success manager, who will walk you through all the great resources we have available – from sample social media graphics to customer flyers to sample contracts.

With the right strategy and a 100% Channel exclusive solution like Dark Web ID to back up your efforts, you’ll be closing deals on this new service in no time.

Discover how Dark Web ID could help you grow your business and better protect your customers. Learn more about ID Agent’s Partner Program now.