At CharTec Academy, we talk a lot about MSP video marketing. You just can’t be competitive today without it, as we’ve explained here many times. But even those who recognize the value in it sometimes have trouble taking the plunge because they’re just too intimidated about appearing on camera. This fear is a common challenge, so we’ve compiled 6 tips to help you feel more comfortable and set you on the path to MSP video marketing success. 


1. Practice your MSP video marketing

It’s unlikely that no marketing videos you’ve ever seen were perfect on the first take, nor was it the speaker’s first time on camera. Practice is one of the best ways to feel more confident. And it’s easy! Take your phone’s camera, look into it, press record, and just start talking. At this point, it’s not important what you talk about – it’s all about getting used to the unnatural feeling of talking to a camera. Talking about something you’re passionate about is a good place to start with your practice of MSP video marketing. 


This approach lets you get used to the process without any real stakes. No one will see this video, and you’re probably going to delete it the second after you finish playing it back. And maybe you’ll be horrified when you see yourself in the video – but keep going. After that, do it again. And again. And it will eventually become second nature. 


2. Ask for help 

Ask someone you feel comfortable with to help you with your MSP video marketing – whether it’s a coworker, friend, or family member – to watch your early videos. Make a short video just for them; it doesn’t even have to be about business. The most important thing is to make it and send it to them to overcome your nervousness about putting yourself out there. This enables you to get used to the process of sharing your videos, and you might even get some useful feedback in return that can help you improve your approach. 


3. Have a plan with your MSP video marketing

Once you get more comfortable in front of the camera, how do you make sure you don’t end up stumbling through the whole thing when it’s time to roll on your official marketing video? The answer is to have a plan.  


No one makes a good marketing video by just pressing record and making it up as they go along. Know what you want to say, and have an outline in front of you. Actors don’t go on camera without learning their lines and rehearsing, and you shouldn’t, either. If you review your talking points a few times, you will feel more prepared and less anxious. In your MSP video marketing always focus on your message, not your lines, so you sound like a real person talking rather than a robot spitting out memorized sentences. 


4. Consider lighting and the camera angle 

If you don’t like the way you look on camera, you’re far from alone. A lot of this, in all honesty, is probably in your head, but one way you can feel better about how you look on screen is with the right lighting and camera angles. The most flattering lighting for a video is front-facing, even lighting in MSP video marketing. Try setting up facing a window or putting a lamp behind the camera; a ring light is a great choice. 


Most people look best on video when the camera is positioned at or just above their eye line, so experiment with the camera angle until you’re happy with it. This is where a tripod can make all the difference, and they’re very inexpensive. 


If you want to sound professional in your MSP video marketing, an inexpensive lapel mic will keep you from sounding like you recorded yourself in your bathroom. Keep a glass of water on hand if your mouth goes dry when you talk, and keep in mind that a lot of people watch videos with the sound off anyway, which is why you’ll want to caption the video later. 


5. Don’t pressure yourself 

There are several ways to edit your footage so that it doesn’t just become a 5-minute opportunity for everyone to see your facial expressions. 


You can insert slides or other graphics with key points you’re making to break up the video a bit for better MSP video marketing. Toss in a few slides with statistics about hacking if your video is about cybersecurity, or even show a few headlines about major breaches. And if you’re worried that you can’t carry an entire video, consider doing it in interview format. All you’ll have to do is ask the questions, and then the camera can shift to your guest for most of the time. 


If you notice yourself becoming more comfortable and natural a few minutes into your footage when you practice, consider sitting in front of the camera and talking about something unimportant for a few minutes to warm up before you press the record button. 


6. Don’t sweat the small stuff 

When shooting videos, one of the biggest things people worry about is making a mistake. If something major happens, you may need to start over. Learn to let the small things go. Stumbling over a word or two will make you come across as far more human and relatable to your audience, and it could make them like you even more! 


The main thing is to just do it. Nobody’s perfect, and we all could use more practice. But the truth is that no one who sees your videos will be as critical as you are.  


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