In the MSP Sales world, we all know the struggle of selling intangible services. Unlike most other sales positions, we MSP Salespeople can’t show off a new sofa to sit on, a new house to move into, or a shiny new car to test drive. To get the prospect eager to buy, we need to create perceived value and paint a picture of a rocky future if they don’t sign with us.

Actually, there is something tangible we can sell, but many of us often forget about it when we’re closing a deal. And that, of course, is Hardware. While many of you do offer HaaS, there are still some MSPs that are timid about offering Hardware packages to their clients. Well, we’re here to tell you that, if you’re not including HaaS in your offer, you’re losing out on some easy MRR.

Let’s go over some reasons why you need to offer HaaS, and some of the intangible benefits you can use to entice your clients that they probably don’t know about.


In our modern competitive business environment, the loss of efficiency and productivity due to outdated hardware can cut into your client’s profitability. When your technology goes down you’re not making any money.

Keep your clients up and running by replacing their hardware every three years. This is something that business owners intend to do but usually don’t. What happens more often than not is that they will replace only the equipment that dies when they need it most. They become reactive to the issues that plague them. You, however, can offer a proactive solution by making sure their hardware is fresh, running smoothly, and can handle the most current software and apps.

No Upfront Costs:

When you offer HaaS to your clients, you can fold the hardware costs into your complete offering. For example, if your offering for Managed Services works out to $59 per workstation, adding HaaS and bumping that price up to $79 per workstation makes a lot of sense to your client. They’ll figure that, wow, we can get a BRAND-NEW computer station for only $20 a month! And no money down! You can usually see the dollar signs rolling over their eyes when they’re calculating how much money they’ll be saving.

Reduced Capital Expense:

Business owners will not stop smiling after you explain to them that they can write off 100% of their Hardware expenses without having to depreciate those assets over time. That’s because, through the HaaS program, those Capital Expenses become Operating Expenses and are taxed differently. (Make sure to let them know to check with their CPA, just to be sure!)

This fact, along with the peace of mind that their Hardware is being managed by the same company that manages their IT needs, will give you a lot of leverage when you’re closing the deal. When they can roll the cost of Managed Services in with the cost of new hardware purchases, your clients are able to control their yearly budget because they are protected from “surprise” technology failures. This is an unseen benefit you can use to close the deal.

No More Outdated Technology:

We all understand that technology changes at a daily pace. Your clients have technology that is specific to their industry, and that’s their main focus. Our job is to keep their Office Technology current and in good running order so they can do their jobs.

As MSPs, it’s our job to keep up-to-date on the latest software, hardware and security trends. Small to medium business owners don’t have the time or money to keep up with current changes and advancements. But that’s part of the services that we do offer, and something that will give your clients peace of mind. Knowing their office equipment won’t soon become obsolete will let them sleep better at night.

The Latest Cybersecurity:

Hacking, as an industry, is growing every day. Some reports tell us that every business has had numerous attempted attacks, but that not all businesses have been hacked… yet. It’s only a matter of time. Luckily for us, most hackers are lazy and they will take the easy route to breach someone’s weak security system. When they can’t break into a secure system they will quickly move on to another, until they are successful.

If business owners become too relaxed and don’t stay up to date with the latest security threats, and they don’t upgrade or install patches when they are released, their chances of becoming hacked increase rapidly.

Haas Also Benefits You!

As MSPs, we need to house the knowledge to maintain our client’s hardware and software, no matter what they might be using. By offering HaaS as well as SaaS to our clients, we can control every IT environment, and standardize the equipment, software programs, and security packages they all use. This makes our job a whole lot easier! Not only do we have the power to replace outdated technology, but we can also standardize and automate the way we monitor and respond to daily activities.

The bottom line is, if you’re not incorporating HaaS into your offerings, you’re making things harder for you and your clients. Use these tips and create more perceived value when you package intangibles along with physical, useful hardware.

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