Sales and marketing might deal with different aspects of bringing new business to your MSP. Treating them as two that only interact when necessary means you are missing out on an incredible opportunity for growth. 


A study by LinkedIn found that 87% of sales and marketing professionals believe collaboration between both departments is essential for business growth. Meanwhile, 85% say alignment between marketing and sales is the best opportunity for improving a business’s performance. 


When your MSP’s sales and marketing departments work together, they can develop the clarity and valuable insight needed to grow your business. Here are some examples of how this collaboration can make or break your MSP. 




Let’s start with clarity about what your MSP offers. First, marketing has worked its magic and identified a lead. That lead goes to sales. But if they aren’t familiar with the marketing message that generated that lead, it’s pretty easy to drop the ball.  


For example, let’s say marketing is running a campaign for a virtual office. It’s a timely offering with remote work skyrocketing. When sales get leads from this campaign, they won’t worry about closing managed services. They should focus on the first step in the sales process: closing the appointment. The only way they’re going to do this successfully is by staying consistent with what the prospect is interested in regarding virtual services on the marketing side.  


When salespeople complain that their marketing isn’t working, the real problem is that sales and marketing are not on the same page. Marketing should share their data with the sales department on what a prospect is interested in, such as whether they spent most of their time on a landing page on your site or have opened more emails about a specific solution.  


Sales & marketing Insight 


Marketing should carry out plenty of analytics for their campaigns that provide valuable insight to help the salespeople. By examining what seems to attract the most interest from prospects and which messages they can respond to the most, they can identify pain points that sales can then leverage to help close the deal.  


While marketing’s insight is helpful for their operations, they should share this data with sales to get the most out of their efforts. Working together as a team is the best approach. 


This insight works both ways. Salespeople are the ones who talk to prospects and current clients, and these relationships give them greater insight into their processes and experiences. When sales shares this insight with marketing, the marketing team can use information about what companies are struggling with and what they need to develop more effective marketing approaches. 


Sales and marketing can find countless pain points by working together. These are incredibly valuable to both departments in targeting leads and closing deals. 


A better customer experience with sales & marketing


Customer experience improves when sales and marketing work together. The study we mentioned earlier also revealed that 90% of sales and marketing professionals agreed that when messages and initiatives align, your efforts have a positive effect on the customer’s experience.  


No one will be happy working with an MSP that over-promises and under-delivers. By ensuring your offering matches what a client expects, you can improve satisfaction, enjoy long-term relationships, and even gain referrals.  


Collaboration between departments is essential for all businesses, but it’s critical for MSP sales and marketing. An effective way of getting high-quality leads that will convert is making sure these two are working together. 



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