Over the past quarter, we’ve been blogging quite a bit about Sales & Marketing for the Managed Service Provider and have been met with so much enthusiasm that we thought we’d run the most popular articles all in one blog post. If you haven’t already checked out the links below, now’s your chance to catch up! We have a lot more content coming your way and you’re not going to want to miss it!

In no particular order, here are the most popular blogs from recent weeks:

Using LinkedIn To Sell Managed Services – 7 Tips To Getting Started

You sell managed services and need as many tools in your selling toolbox as possible. Whether you’re tapped out on the amount of new clients you can take on at this very moment or desperate for the phone to ring, a proper LinkedIn profile is mandatory (and free!). Here are 7 quick tips to get you going in the right direction.

Use It Or Lose It!… The Hard Truth Behind Your Social Media Neglect.

A few years ago when you started your MSP, you set yourself up on all of the popular social media platforms in good faith that you’d figure it all out someday… but so far, “someday” hasn’t happened.  Since setting those profiles up, you’ve somehow managed to collect a handful of unfamiliar followers but that’s as far as it’s gone.  And yet, you seem totally content with that whole scenario for some reason.

8 Tips To Delivering A Close-Worthy Sales Presentation For Managed Service Providers

With extra guidance from our very own corporate stylist, we take a look at 8 ways you can polish up and kill that presentation, allowing your to directly engage with your audience in confidence. If you’re in the sales role for your MSP or IT Company, you need to be on point.

Buyer Personas: WHO Are You Selling Your Managed Services To?

Here at CharTec and for our own MSP, we use very detailed Buyer Personas to help our marketing and sales team understand their audience during each stage of the sales funnel.  We’ve created multiple personas to reflect not only our decision makers but also our influencers. These buyer personas are actually posted throughout our highly trafficked areas so that we all keep them in mind as we develop content. DOWNLOAD THE GUIDE!

10 Steps To Becoming A Managed Service Provider

You’re considering adding Managed Services to your existing offering, capitalizing on managed recurring revenue in a market that plays well with your existing core competencies. Before you jump into Managed Services, make sure you have these ten elements lined up:

Discovery Questions. They’re more than Who, What, Where, When and Why!

You’ve sent out your marketing messaging and it worked! You got a call from a prospective client and were able to transition them into a first appointment. That’s pretty sweet! Fast forward to your first meeting and you’ve closed them on a discovery. Even better! But now what? What questions should you be asking?

CharTec’s MSP Sales Process – Overview

The MSP sales process isn’t necessarily the same for every prospect however, it does follow a general pattern. If followed in sequence every time, these 5 steps are a sure fire way of increasing your close ratio and burning fewer leads generated by the your managed services marketing message.