Social media evolved for us to keep in touch with our friends when it first emerged but has quickly become one of the most important digital marketing tools that modern businesses have available. Many SMBs and MSP have increasingly turned to social media marketing to help with their marketing and branding. A social media presence, especially when traditional networking is increasingly challenging, is an important marketing tool.

The benefits of social media marketing are many. It has become increasingly apparent in recent years just how effective social media can be for increasing your reach and brand awareness. It can also help you drive more traffic and leads to your website with the right approach. It’s the customer engagement aspect that will make a difference for MSPs.

People from all industries are spending countless hours interacting online. Using social media platforms will reach potential clients, make special announcements, and even upsell to your current clients.

Social media marketing provides an easy and powerful way to engage with customers and potential clients. You can build and maintain authentic connections that can be difficult to achieve in other ways and present a more personal side to your business.

Add a personal touch to your MSP Social Media marketing

MSPs should have a presence on several social media platforms to reach the broadest audience possible, but LinkedIn and Facebook are good places to start. Many MSPs enlist the help of freelancers with their social media marketing efforts but understand that there are some aspects you’ll need to handle on your own.

Getting help with content is perfectly fine if you’re too busy to devote the time needed to craft good posts and understand which types of posts are appropriate. For example, platforms like LinkedIn require a more professional tone, while Facebook is more casual. Outsourcing this to someone who specializes in social media content can save you the time to research the nuances involved in successful posts across multiple platforms.

While outsourcing your social media content may be a good idea, you need to be involved in the process to get the full benefits. It is best if you handle the more personal touches on your own. This step means sharing the content and interacting with it in meaningful ways. It also means following your top clients and following those who follow you while constantly looking for others to follow, such as industry influencers. This engagement helps you get a pulse on what attracts your target audience. And it can also build awareness of your presence as some

people you have followed may follow you back as a professional courtesy. You also need to engage with every person who comments on your posts or page.

MSPs that use social media correctly will gain an edge. You can learn a lot about what works by following a few clients on social media. It’s possible to gather data on what motivates them to like, comment, and share posts. This information can serve as a valuable guide for producing similar content.

You can also look at the social media presence of your competitors. Look for gaps in their content that you might address and ways you can differentiate yourself from them. If you offer something your competitors don’t, let people know!

With social media, keep in mind that the posts that get the most attention contain photos and videos rather than just text. That means recording a quick video can pay off significantly. Even MSPs with no marketing budget can use this tactic to their advantage as everyone can record videos on their phones.

It may take some time to figure out what your audience finds interesting. But the opportunities for engagement are endless on social media. MSPs with tight budgets can even grow brand awareness through social media by spending very little or no money. That means you can advertise your MSP for free, and who can pass that up?

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