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What do I do if the Owner doesn’t Show?

You’ve gone through all the effort to conduct a strong Discovery, create your full presentation, price out the right offering, and prepare all of your Visios. Now, you’ve just arrived at the client site only to hear, “Oh, the owner isn’t in right now. I’m his right-hand man and can take the appointment for him. [...]

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Will this deal close?

Does this scenario sound familiar? You’ve gone in, nailed your presentation, and the prospect says, “Let me think about it and talk with my team.” You set up an appointment for the next week. That appointment gets cancelled, and then you’re in perennial follow-up mode. Sometimes this lasts a couple of weeks, sometimes a couple [...]

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When to Fire Your Salesperson

Sometimes, even though you’ve gone through the correct hiring process, and you’ve put them on a proven 45-day road map, a salesperson will still fail. When do you know that it’s time to let that salesperson go? Early Failures The first month of employment, or so, is an employee’s honeymoon period. They will never dress [...]

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Training Your Sales Hire: Should They Stay or Should They Go?

You’ve taken the necessary steps to effectively hire a salesperson. Now, that they’re onboard; you just have them shadow you on a few of your sales calls, then let them take a stab at it, right? Wrong! This is about the worst way to train a salesperson because it forces them into months of being [...]

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Hiring a Sales Superstar: When to Hire

Hiring a sales superstar can be a challenge; but once you find one with drive, determination, and a trainable attitude, success is around the corner. Before you start down this road though, you have to decide if it’s the right time to hire. Sales Assessment First, take a good long look at whoever is responsible [...]

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Rediscover Your Discovery

In the MSP business, there are defined roles for Salespeople and for Technicians. These two paths usually don’t intersect during the day-to-day business functions, but they do join forces when there is a Discovery to perform.  This is a time when Sales and the Technical sides of the company work at achieving the same goal: [...]

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Global Questions 101

Selling anything can be challenging. It takes a skilled salesperson to ask the right questions and discover pain points that can lead to a close. For many, this is something they have practiced until it becomes second nature. But for those just getting started in sales, or techs who are assisting in this process, there [...]

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How to Practice Sales

One of the largest challenges for salespeople is selling technology. It’s intangible, certainly not sexy, and complex. Salespeople have an idea of the products they’re selling, but oftentimes they don’t know some of the nitty-gritty details a tech would know. On that same level, a tech can breeze through a Discovery because they’re highly skilled with technology; but they probably [...]

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